Little baby on the hay
Soon there'll be another day
When nails will pierce your hands and feet
As you provide our soul's defeat
Risen Jesus on the throne
We lift our praise to you alone
For you're the gift that we recieve
The moment that our hearts believe.

Roy Lessi
© 2010 DaySpring Cards and Roy Lessin. Used by permission, all rights reserved. www.dayspring.com 

Merry Christmas to all!
This is the time that we celebrate the birth of Christ, our Lord. This is also the time that many forget about Christ, and only think of Santa, and of gifts, and of food. Let's not forget about Christ.
He truly was born to die. He knew, when He came, that He would be suffering on the cross for us. He didn't just stay that little baby in a manger, He grew into a man, and died a horrible death for me, for you, for your children, for your family, for my family, for every single person that we walk by. He didn't die for those who were good, He died for all.
Can you imagine what it must have been like for Him? He willingly came to earth, knowing what was going to happen. He knew very much about every nail that would be pounded into His hands and His feet. He knew about the crown of thorns that would be slammed into His head. He knew about the mocking, the spit, the scorn, the shame, the embarrassment. He could have easily said, "No, I won't go!" But He came, and in a very humble way.
Jesus knew what His Father's will was for Him, and He did it.
How about us? Do we know what our Father's will is for us? Do we do it?
How often do we just go ahead and do what we want to do, never asking God what He wants us to do? How often do we just go somewhere, without asking where His will is for us to go?
When we find out His will for us, do we say, "No, Lord, I can't! It is too hard!"
Look at Jonah, he told God that he could not witness to the people of Nineveh. He felt that they would hurt him, or kill him. What was God's will for him? It was to go, and witness to the wicked people in Nineveh. When God convicts us to witness to someone, and we think, "They will laugh at me!" We are disobeying God. We are really acting like Jonah.
This Christmas season, let's remember Christ, remember that He was love. His love was so great, that it sent Him to die for all, and we are supposed to have that love, that we will tell all about His love. Christmas is a wonderful time to witness, because many already are thinking about Christ, so let's take advantage of this wonderful oportunity.

Merry Christmas everyone!
May God bless you in this wonderful season, and for the coming year.

Prayer Requests

Our President
Our Millitary
Allen Marshall - cancer
Kim Scherer  - Assistant Pastor's wife - Cancer
Leonard Sherry - broken neck - needs surgery, but doctor's refuse to operate.
Johnny V. - Salvation

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