God’s Roses

   Every one of us goes through trials in our lives. So many times it is so easy to question and say, “God, how can you do this to me?” But we forget the promise that God gives us, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28

Nothing we go through is meant to hurt us, and, in fact, will help us to grow closer to the Lord, if we will let it.

Also, God will never put us through something that we cannot handle in His strength. “My grace is sufficient for thee.” II Cor 12:9 We try to do it in our own strength, over, and over, and over again. That is why we seem to always have trouble carrying our burdens. We were never meant to do it in our strength. “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” Phil 4:13



It is only a tiny rosebud,

A flower of God's design,

But I cannot unfold the petals

With these clumsy hands of mine.


The secret of unfolding flowers

Is not known to such as I,

The flower God opens so sweetly,

In my hands would fade and die.


I cannot unfold a rosebud,

This flower of God's design,

Then how can I have wisdom

To unfold this life of mine?


So I'll trust Him for His leading

Each moment of every day

And I'll look to Him for His guidance

Each step of the pilgrim way.


For the pathway that lies before me

My heavenly Father knows

I'll trust Him to unfold the moments

Just as He unfolds the rose.




Just like the rose in our little poem reminds us, God is longing to be in control of every area of our lives, and, when we let Him, He will make our lives into the most beautiful thing beyond our imagination. We might not see it on earth. We may never see why He is molding our lives the way He is, while we are on earth, but when we are seeing our lives from His angle, it will be beyond our wildest dreams. He is the master of design, and a rose only lasts for a few months, but our lives last, usually, more than a year. In that time, God wants to mold us, and shape us into His design. We are His roses. This is why I chose to name the newsletters, “God’s Roses” I was debating, but when I saw this poem, I just felt confirmed that this was to be the name.


Sometimes the circumstances that we go through can be very hard to handle, and I wrote this poem several years ago, and found it recently, and it has reminded me of some things.

Life's trials

The Lord brings us through many trials and such

It's always  because He loves us so much.

Through every test, and tribulation we face

He supplies all our need through His matchless grace.



At times we may question, "Lord, why is it thus?"

Yet He always answers, "In me you must trust."

"I don't see how, Lord, I can ever get through."

Is what we might say, and it just seems so true.


Than somehow, it seems, a miracle may come,

And we know it is not through one thing we have done.

Yet only then, do all those around us see

The one shining through us, He who lives in me.


Lord, may my life be one that may show your grace,

Through every storm, and trial that I may face.

That those around, may see the promise true

His grace is sufficient, I will make it through.


Please remember that no matter what you are going through, God has a reason, and He will sustain you.


May the Lord bless you as you live for Him.



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